Happier Spending Habits

You need to develop happier spending habits to have any chance at all of a happy life.

It's crucial that your spend the money you earn in the correct way to skyrocket your happiness.

Spending money in the wrong way, as most men do, will drive you continuously downward into lack, anxiety, frustration, misery, periods of being broke, excessive debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure and poverty.

It's always simplest to stop taking actions that harm you.  It stops the immediate pain and allows you time to rest and heal.  With rest and time you may have a chance for a good life.

Maybe, because, if you have been spending money in the wrong way for too long, you may never get free.

Unhappier Spending Habits

Happier spending habits don't include paying massive bills that leave you no money for your desires

Most men are stuck in a never ending cycle of spending all the money they make now and all the money they will make in the future (i.e. debt) foolishly and stupidly  trying to please other people.

This selfless caring for others more than yourself will ruin you.

It's not a simple matter to stop doing this idiotic self sabotaging either. 

The world has always been set up for most men to turn over most of what they make to others.  Wives, children, elderly parents, the king, the leader, the slave owner, the lord, the church, charities, the tax man, the government, investments, fees, fines, high prices.

In the grand scheme of things, there is nothing you can do about this money sucking system designed to keep you barely scraping by and in your place.

This system of you working hard and not having much to show for it is how others control you.  And the others that control you are quite good at it.  Most of us just go along with this system.  Working our entire lives for other people until we are too old and sick to work anymore. 

We are

  • Conditioned to do this
  • Told that this is the correct way of doing things
  • Manipulated to do this
  • And even forced to do this

Yes, all our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did this.

We see this continuously in media and even all around us every day and in every way as the correct way to do things.

But, just because most men do this, and most people will go out of their way to convince you that this is the correct way to act, does not mean you have to do it.

You need to think for yourself, do for yourself, take care of yourself and spend the money that you make on what you need and desire for your life.

First let's look at how most men...foolishly... spend their money

Buying Stuff For Other People

  • Taking out large mortgages for a too expensive home to please your wife instead of a modest home you can easily afford or sensibly renting.
  • Remodeling that already too expensive home to fit the tastes of your wife instead of being happy with the way it is.
  • Buying expensive furniture and furnishings so your home "looks" better instead of being satisfied with what you have.
  • Buying a new, too expensive SUV for your wife to drive around with the baby instead of a used minivan.
  • Giving your wife a credit card for unlimited shopping at fancy stores instead of insisting on  thrift stores, discount stores, coupon clipping and budgeted cash only shopping.

Doing Things For Other People

  • Allowing or encouraging your wife to stop working so she has enormous free time to shop and buy.
  • Buying so much for your children that they have no incentive to do for themselves.
  • Over tithing to your church
  • Being guilted into charitable giving

Doing Everything Wrong

  • Over-insuring
  • Overpaying on everything you buy
  • Buying everything new
  • Not being patient when making purchases
  • Using too much credit
  • Getting talked into paying too much or buying something you don't need

From Blackdragon

Marriage is Very Expensive

Quote - Men have no idea how expensive being married is.

From James Altucher

Don't Buy a House

From Danger and Play

The Look

Quote - Men in the West are brain washed to serve women.

Your Life Sucks

  • You rarely have cash
  • Your credit cards are maxed out
  • Your monthly expenses are high relative to your income
  • You have so little money that the little you do buy for yourself is cheap and poor quality
  • You don't spend any money on entertainment, relaxation, travel or fun
  • You make a good income but you have no money

The more you do this, the worse your life becomes. If just keeps going down, not up.

You need to take some drastic action.

Happier Spending Habits - What To Do

A wallet filled with cash gives provides you options on your happier spending habits

Keep Your Wallet Full of Cash

You will never be happy, satisfied and worry free without plenty (hundreds to thousands of dollars) in your wallet.  This excess money gives you options.  Options to easily pay your bills without worry.  Options to buy the things you want.  Options to pay for the experiences you truly desire.

Cash gives you freedom and privacy. People don't need to know exactly what you buy, it's none of their business.

Keep Your normal expenses are low

Your normal living expenses are very low compared to your income. You only need a small percentage of what you earn to live on. If your income is small, your living expenses are small. Your small income drives you to increase it so that you can live better. But you never spend so much on your living expenses that this gets out of balance.

The effort you put toward keeping your income high and your expenses low will continually reward you.

Buy a Vehicle Suits You

You buy a vehicle that suits you. You don't get caught up in buying the cheapest, best gas mileage car. You realize that cars like that do nothing to make you feel better. You want a car you can be proud of. You want a car that suits your needs. You want a car that you like to look at. You want a car that is a pleasure to drive. You want a car that is big enough for your body. You want a car that fits whoever you have with you.

Buy Good Stuff for You

You buy quality, well fitted clothes and shoes that make you look and feel terrific.

You freely spend money on whatever entertainment and fun you truly love the most.

You feel great the more money you spend on doing things that you enjoy.

You buy service and products to improve your life in whatever way makes the most sense for your.

You make lists of your desires, knowing that spending money in the future will make you even happier.

You feel no guilt for buying things for you.

You Save, Within Reason

You save some money for the future you but you don't go overboard.  A now spent in suffering because of saving so much for the future, will make your future just as miserable because you will be training yourself to live in misery.

Final Thoughts on Happier Spending Habits

Your happier spending habits will soar your happiness as you buy whatever it is that you need

Can you start to see how developing happier spending habits will make every moment of every day will provide you an incredibly satisfying lifestyle.

You move away from paying for other people out of guilt and manipulation and into thoroughly enjoying your life.  As part of that enjoyment, you will give to the most important people in your life.  But you will only give in a way that makes sense for you.

You won't go broke buying a too expensive home that your wife loves.

You won't shortchange your needs to spoil your children.

You won't buy women's affection or pretend to be a big shot buying things for your friends.

There is no real enjoyment in over-giving to others. You don't really have any idea of how to make people happy anyway.

There is only real joy in living your life exactly as how you want it.

The most important person in your life, is you. YOU have to see it that way. It is not your wife or some other person outside yourself you are have to please. It is you, you need to please.

Most men do enjoy providing a nice household for their loved ones.  But if you look at this deeper, you are not providing a nice lifestyle to your family, you are doing this for you.  You want the big house for you. You want the new cars for you. You want your wife and children to be well dressed, well fed, and happy for you.

Develop these happier spending habits for you.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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