Free Happiness
The Best Things in Life are NOT Free

I wish we could all enjoy free happiness.  Spending all our time enjoying life and enjoying ourselves without care or worry.  Free from problems and frustrations and having to work long hours at jobs we hate.

Most of you do not have much happiness.  I know I did not for most of the years of my life.

But I certainly am happy now. I am free, single, with all my money at my disposal and in a job I love (really like anyway) with quite a bit of time off.

I left behind all the old ways of thinking and being and acting that created an unhappy life for me and I am truly happy most of the time.  My mind has changed to one of happiness and satisfaction from sacrifice and misery. 

Happiness does not have to be that expensive.  If you can just turn sideways a bit, out of the hustle and bustle, you can be happy for free or not much cost.

Grab a Bit of Free Happiness Where You Can

There is just enough free happiness that there is no reason not to have a bit. 

Even though the best things in life are quite expensive...trucks, a great bed, a big recliner, steaks, drinks out, can have some happiness for free while you are increasing your income and building your wealth.

My short list to get you started

  • Naps and Sleep
  • Free TV and radio
  • Walking, especially in nature
  • The library and internet
  • The night sky

Naps and Sleep

You have to sleep enough to feel good.  There are no exceptions.

If you prefer colds, the flue, bags under your eyes, a big belly, massive caffeine intakes, junk food, a foggy mind and an early grave, then minimize your sleep.

You want to enough sleep that you feel good when you get up. If you don't feel good each morning, you have not been sleeping enough for enough days in a row.

Sleep is something you need to concentrate on.  Go to bed early enough every day for weeks .  Sleep in as often as possible and take naps.  Eventually you will start to feel good again.

Naps are Restorative.  Take A Nap If

  • You are bored
  • You are feeling listless
  • You are not feeling well
  • You can't think of something
  • You feel like eating junk food

A naps healing powers are true.  This is not made up.

Oh and being able to take naps in front of other people is a nice skill to have.

Free TV and Radio

I do sometimes rant against excessive TV.  Only because TV can get in the way of a good life for you.  When you spend a lot of money every month for cable, you will feel like you have to spend many hours a day watching, even if it is not a good use of your time.

But with free TV, I have no need to watch.  So many days... I don't.  When I need to relax and recharge, I do.  When I need a short break, I watch.  If there is something good on, I watch.  Simple, easy and free.

You can spend a lot of money on giant flat-screen TV's, cable and direct TV.  Or you can just use whatever TV you and what you pick up for free.

I like just free radio.  I hate adding more and more monthly bills.  So no radio subscriptions for me.  Nothing fancy.  Just free music, free sports and free talk.  Yes, a lot of the talk is quite garbage and a lot of commercials.  But occasionally there is a glimmer of good stuff and the good songs come on.

Besides, when I am driving, I am concentrating on that.  Many times I just turn it off and drive in silence. 

Walking, Especially in Nature

Walking is not only good for your body and health, it is good for your mind.  The more your walk and the more often you walk, the more ideas will start to flow. 

The most productive and prolific men in the world...walk.  Their ideas come to them as they walk.

I walk at various times of the day and nearly always I am totally alone even though I mostly walk through suburban neighborhoods on the way to a nice trail.

I should not be surprised to see no one even though I walk past dozens of homes.  Most people are stuck in inspiration-less lives, either hustling off to work or glued to the TV or their devices.

free happinessHiking at the Free Ice Age Trail

Most of my ideas and happiness comes deep into a walk, after I have walked long enough that whatever I am worried about fades away and something better and more interesting enters my mind than how I am going to get to work on time, and do I have enough money to pay the bills and what happens if my ex-wife goes off her medication.

Walking in nature is best.  But if there is no nature nearby, walk anyway.  The rhythmic steps on city sidewalks and suburban streets provide the same meditative effect on your mind and improvements to your health.

Besides when you have accumulated enough money to go to the best places, you will need to walk to enjoy those places the most.

The Library and Internet

I love libraries.  When I really need a break to get lost in thought I spend an afternoon at the library.  It is the ultimate in free happiness.

I never seemed to have enough time to spend time at the library.  I was always rushing off the school, or work, or the chores, or to bed so I can get up for school or work.  When I was young, my parents would take me to the library and then say you have 30 minutes to pick out ONE book.

30 minutes and one book.  They were always rushing too.  30 minutes...I could have spent 30 hours.  One book...I wanted to check out 50.

The internet is even better than the library in it's vastness, it's deepness, it's variety, and it's availability 24/7 at all times and all places.

The Night Sky -
Look at this Joe Rogan Video - Go to about 1 minute mark for his perspective on space

Here is the link to that free happiness video - Joe Rogan on Space

Not Quite Free Happiness...But Close

  • Good coffee. You aren’t going to get rich giving up good coffee.  What is the point of being rich anyway if you can’t enjoy yourself?
  • High speed internet.  This might be the most important thing you can buy, after a car...or truck :)
  • Cable TV.  I don' t have it, but if it makes you happy.
  • Better food.  You have to buy food anyway.  Once you get a little past poverty, better food should be your priority.
  • Going out for meals, coffee and drinks.  I love being served.  I love other people taking care of me.  I love not having to prepare the drinks or food, serve it and then clean up afterward.  I love the drinking and eating part, not the rest of it.  It’s not that I am lazy, or maybe because I am.
  • Buying shoes more often.  Why do you have to go through life with constant foot pain?  Buy new ones before your feet start to hurt.

Free happiness is possible, just open yourself up to it.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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