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A Happier Man, Issue #103--Cut Your Losses
December 15, 2017

Issue # 103

Cut Your Losses

Learning to cut your losses when you make a big mistake and move on from whatever the mistake was is the only way to have a good rest of your life.

When you make any massive mistake you need to quickly correct course and quit whatever the mistake was.

Your problems escalate when you don't make moves to correct a mistake. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

It could have been getting married. Or staying married to the wrong woman. It could be staying in the wrong job. It could be having too many children. Or even getting a pet.

What it usually involves is getting involved in something that you are not very good or being with people you do not like. Hating what you are doing or hating people you are with makes for a disastrous life.

There is no sense in spending most of your time doing anything that you don't like or spending time with people you don't like.

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