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A Happier Man, Issue #104--How to Be Happier
December 28, 2017

Issue # 104

How to Be Happier

You need to learn how to be happier in 2018. The most important effort to undertake at the end of the year, or anytime, is to determine what makes you happy and then set about making that happen. The end of year is a great time to focus on this.

But you should do this anytime something is amiss in your life. Evaluating your life and making adjustments is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

Most of you are not really that happy. Some of you are borderline depressed.

Your life is at best....mediocre. Filled with all kinds of situations that leave you irritated, frustrated, stagnant and maybe even miserable.

You find yourself bored or overworked at your job. Your wages are low and leave you short of money every month. The bills come at you all the time paying for things you did not even want.

You have very little little time off to do anything fun and no money for it anyway.

Your health insurance is a massive payment every month. When when you or a family member do go to the doctor to take care of a health issue that you cannot delay anymore, you find gigantic bills, the insurance refuses to pay in your mailbox a few months later.

You're so busy doing stupid things for other people that you have no time to take care of yourself. You look and feel like the typical overworked, weak, pale, slouched over man that you see everywhere.

You certainly have no free time to do anything you want to do.

Some of you may have a life of excruciating misery.

You may be so far in debt, you have no way to even pay the minimum payments and pay your normal living expenses...utilities, insurance, rent... and still feed your family and you.

An unexpected expense turns your world upside down.

Or you may be in a job where you worry about getting laid off every Friday. Some Fridays you do get laid off and live the extremely low income unemployed lifestyle of barely getting by worrying if you will get called back.

You may be living under constant, withering verbal abuse from your wife where you constantly have to walk on eggshells around her and nothing you do is right.

When you finally work up the courage and put in the massive effort to get past some of this misery, you still have a tremendous amount of work to do just to get back to zero.

You get laid off from a job you don't even like for many months. Your income disappears. You try to get another job, but cannot because what you do is no longer needed.

You may even finally get a somewhat related job many months later with a good income and benefits. In the meanwhile your debts pile up because you cannot pay them with the paltry unemployment checks.

When you finally get a better job after months of effort, you are so far behind, it takes you years to recover.

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