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A Happier Man, Issue #107--Happy With Yourself
January 11, 2018

Issue # 107

Be Happy With Yourself

Are you be happy with yourself, your life and how you live it? Do you absolutely believe that you deserve happiness?

Are you doing whatever it takes to live a happy life on whatever terms makes the most sense to you? Do you rearrange your life as often as necessary to make a great life possible for you?

Do you think you matter and go about life as a person who matters? you think the opposite of this?

Thinking happiness is an impossible dream to have. It's too difficult, not meant for you. A good life is for other, special, more deserving people.

You are destined for a life of problems, misery and unhappiness.

You must fulfill a long list of accomplishments and spend your life sacrificing for others first before you may be "allowed" a bit of happiness.

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