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A Happier Man, Issue #120-- Masculine Male Body
April 14, 2018

Issue # 120

Masculine Male Body

What is a masculine male body anyway? Is it only one body type? A certain look? Is there an "ideal" male body that all men should be working toward?

I always disagree with anyone saying what the ideal of anything is. I don't believe you have to be any certain way on anything.

Ideal is subjective. David-like perfect proportions and razor-sharp abs are not necessary. Certainly strong and muscular is better, without being overdeveloped chemically.

You start by accepting yourself as you are right now. And if you want to make changes, go ahead, work toward something else.

Not hate your body. Love it the way it is. Not hate yourself now. You are what you are right now. You may think you are too fat, too thin, too short, not muscular enough, not well endowed enough. Not enough of whatever. Maybe even with a receding hairline, small hands and body hair in the wrong place.

That covers most of us.

However, if you put in the effort for a long enough time toward improving your body and practicing self-care, it will develop more toward what you are working toward.

If you don't put in the effort, it will stay the same and backslide with the aging process.

You must believe that you matter enough that you immediately stop neglecting yourself. Men all around you, and possibly you, are actively taking care of others while neglecting their own care. I know I did this throughout my marriage. I had no energy to give to myself, only to my wife and children. And I looked and felt like the typical husband/dad..fat, weak, pale, hen-pecked by my wife, and un-sexy.

Myself, I think the masculine male body is best when it is hardened and strengthened over time by systematic weight training, or other physical endeavors.

But for most of the jobs and most lifestyles that men do now, you will need a consistent, progressive weight training to develop strength and muscularity.

Your job or hobby will not put much muscle on you. More likely what you do for a living or for fun will make you frail, weak, fat, pale, old and hurting.

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