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A Happier Man, Issue #32-- Weight Training Injuries
August 07, 2016

Weight Training Injuries

You will have weight training injuries, if you train with weights.

It is inevitable.

I just suffered another one a few months ago. I had a great bench press workout. Then did dumbbell curls, which also went well.

My third exercise was lying triceps extension. I did a light weight for a warmup. I felt like I was thoroughly warmed up from my full range bench pressing and the curls.

I did a set of 10 reps with my work set and it seemed to be fine.

I took a rest, had a some water and got ready for my second set. I typically do 3 sets of the same work weight for the same reps. I either increase the weight slightly or increase the reps slightly each workout.

I did the set, did one rep, fine. On the second rep...ouch. My right elbow did not feel good at all. I immediately stopped the set and put down the weight.

I knew it was not good, so I put the EZ curl bar away and cleaned up the plates.

I thought it would be ok so I did my planned 3 sets of lighter hammer curls. I should have just left and put ice on my elbow. But I love how big and strong my biceps are getting from the hammer curls.

Now my elbow is not very good. I am not in agony, just low level pain. I did ice it somewhat and have been taking some tumeric and rest.

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Weight Training Injuries

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