My Weight Training Injuries

You will have weight training injuries, if you train with weights.

It is inevitable.

I just suffered another one a few months ago.  I had a great bench press workout.  Then did dumbbell curls, which also went well.

My third exercise was lying triceps extension.  I did a light weight for a warmup.  I felt like I was thoroughly warmed up from my full range bench pressing and the curls.

I did a set of 10 reps with my work set and it seemed to be fine.

I took a rest, had a some water and got ready for my second set.  I typically do 3 sets of the same work weight for the same reps.  I either increase the weight slightly or increase the reps slightly each workout.

I did the set, did one rep, fine.  On the second rep...ouch.  My right elbow did not feel good at all.  I immediately stopped the set and put down the weight.

I knew it was not good, so I put the EZ curl bar away and cleaned up the plates.

I thought it would be ok so I did my planned 3 sets of lighter hammer curls.  I should have just left and put ice on my elbow.  But I love how big and strong my biceps are getting from the hammer curls.

Now my elbow is not very good.  I am not in agony, just low level pain.  I did ice it somewhat and have been taking some tumeric and rest.

Avoid Weight Training Injuries

Mark Rippetoe discussing how an older lifter can minimize injuries.  The main takeaway it to reduce the volume of work.  Less sets.  Less reps.  More rest between sets and less workouts each week.

You still work out hard, heavy and intensely...just less.

He also talks about spending less time warming up and very little time stretching.

Here is the video - Making Gains in your 40's and Beyond.

It has been 6 weeks and my elbow is getting better.  I did some lighter shoulder presses yesterday and some light dumbell curls.

Rest and time seem to heal most everything.

Of course, I am much weaker and have lost the gains I was enjoying because of the injury.

It is so much easier and better to avoid injuries.  You need to get a handle on your recovery ability and your ability.

A man has to know his limitations - Dirty Harry

I get excited about the lifting.  Getting stronger.   Looking more muscular.

But the injuries set you back.  Someday bad weight training injuries may send you to the hospital.

Weight training is great for you, your health, your looks and your confidence.

Just be smarter about what you can do.

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