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A Happier Man, Issue #37-- Happier Men
September 14, 2016

Happier Men

Happiness is not overrated for happier men. It is why you do everything you do.

Why do you want more money, a better job, to travel, bigger muscles, six-pack abs and sleep with more sexy women?

To be happy…of course.

So, the sooner your realize that the theme of your life is to just be happy, the sooner you can get busy doing just that.

All the other things you do, activities you participate in, jobs you hold, businesses you start, books you read, movies you watch, goals you strive for, weights you lift, people you want to meet and interact with and girls you want to sleep with are the vehicles to move you toward your happiness.

So let’s just do that. Let’s explore ways to be happy and stay happy . Let’s find out what makes you happy.

First let’s clear a few of the normal hurdles that get in the way of you being one of the happier men.

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Happier Men

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