Happier Men Have What You Want -
Power, Comfort and Better Relationships

Happiness is not overrated for happier men.  It is why you do everything you do.

Why do you want more money, a better job, to travel, bigger muscles, six-pack abs and sleep with more sexy women? 

To be happy…of course.

So, the sooner your realize that the theme of your life is to just be happy, the sooner you can get busy doing just that.

All the other things you do, activities you participate in, jobs you hold, businesses you start, books you read, movies you watch, goals you strive for, weights you lift, people you want to meet and interact with and girls you want to sleep with are the vehicles to move you toward your happiness.

So let’s just do that.  Let’s explore ways to be happy and stay happy.  Let’s find out what makes you happy.

First let’s clear a few of the normal hurdles that get in the way of you being one of the happier men.

Being a Happier Man Is Not About You

  • Being the white knight
  • Bending over backwards to please a demanding wife
  • Providing better for your family
  • Serving the church or a god
  • Being the clueless father
  • Living through the activities of your children
  • Tolerating abuse
  • Taking orders
  • Dealing with pain
  • Being just a cog in someone's dreams
  • Dying and killing for your country
  • Being a part of some society or group
  • Only getting what you want after everyone else gets what they want
  • Waiting to be happy only after you please someone else

I know all about the above list because I did most of the things on that list for most of my life.

I spent years mired in mediocrity and even misery.  At one point I was having suicidal thoughts after listening to my wife lecture me on my faults for hours for the hundredth time.  I honestly believed that she was right and that I would be better off dead.

It was only the belief that my life mattered where I was able to run from that crazy mess and move toward something better.

Your happiness matters.  You have just as much of a right to happiness as anyone else. 

I believe in concentrating my efforts into 3 main areas

  1. Power
  2. Comfort
  3. Relationships

Happier Men are Powerful

How can anyone say this isn’t true?

Some people say that we all start with an equal amount of power and proceed to give it away day by day during our lives until we are basically powerless.

That seems about right.

With that in mind, the idea is to realize the immense power, and potential power you have churning inside you and decide to do something positive with it to improve your own life.

Power gets a bad rap because a good share of people, instead of concentrating on improving their lives, they manically want to gain power over others.  Mostly with disastrous results for those others.

Concentrate on your power, rather than on power over others.  The world will be a better place.

You can deliberately choose your thoughts and actions and make your life as close to exactly how you want it as possible.

Or you can turn on the TV and watch other people using their power to obtain the type of life that is possible for all of you.  What are the famous celebrities, athletes, business owners and leaders in their field doing besides using their gifts to their utmost power? They are concentrating on what they can do. They do not spend much time in front of the TV watching others do well, they are busy doing well themselves.

The truth is that you have enormous power to create the life that you want. 

The flip side of that truth is that most of the world is dead set against you having that great life.  That is why you don’t want to go along with the crowd, follow the mainstream or get to caught up in things that do nothing to improve the quality of your life.

You need to concentrate on your life, your needs and your desires.

Happier Men Don’t Follow the Rules

Stop following all the rules. You just do what you want to do. You may choose to follow some rules to avoid trouble, but you do what you want. You will look at the rules as only a guide to avoid trouble, not something that you blindly follow.

Most rules are manipulations and guilt trips others use to convince you to do things for them.

If you can just step away from the normal rules, or script society prescribes for you, your life automatically gets better.

Happier Men are More Free

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it. - Malcolm X.

It is up to you to create freedom for yourself, right now. If you are waiting for anyone or any group or cause to save you you will be waiting forever.  Freedom is not something that is granted or given or voted for or bought.  Freedom is taken.

You make up your mind to be free.  No voting.  No arguing.  No one else needed.  Just you living your life as a free man.

Happier Men are Comfortable

What is the first thing you can do to become more comfortable?

Happier Men Spend Money on Themselves

You can start by spending most of the money that you earn on your needs, wants and desires.  You have to get out of the trap of only spending money on other people.

And it is a hard trap to get out from.  When I was married and in the low years after I left my wife, none of my money was my own.

Instead of thinking you have to buy peoples affection or friendship you buy what you want. If you are like most men, most of your money goes to others. You work and work, and most of the money is not yours to spend. You have to break that cycle.  Your happiness level will start to skyrocket the more you spend your money on your desires.

Happier Men Care about their health and fitness

You take care of yourself.  You lift weights.  You exercise.  You eat right.  You see the dentist, the optometrist and the doctor.  You want to take care of yourself because you can do more and be even more happy.

Happier Men Lounge Around

There is nothing so maddening as being forced to constantly bust your you-know-what in excessive busyness.  You need time to relax and recharge.  Your life and your health are too important to take for granted.  You need to sleep a lot, nap as much as needed, get your feet up and enjoy life.

A great bed helps here as well as a big recliner.  Even a big vehicle will contribute to your relaxation.  Just the fact that you don’t mind stretching out wherever you are is a step in the right direction.

You don’t see the male lion rushing around all the time do you?

Comfortable surroundings that help you to relax will allow you to think deeply and work more productively.

Happier Men Dress Well

This might be a dressy suit.  This might be comfortable pants.  This might be to better your career or business prospects.  This might be to impress the ladies.  Just realize that your clothes and how you look and feel in them are important.  A happy man does not wear ugly clothes that are too tight or too loose.

Your shoes are as vital to this as they always say they are.

Happier Men Do What They Want

When most of your time is spent doing things that others tell you to do, you will not be happy.  It is only the continuous, persistent effort applied to your desires that results in your happiness.

Again, society is against men doing what they want to do.  You need to ignore others, and their shrill, small voice demanding that you do what "they" say.

F - them.

Do what you say.

Trip Pictures of Me Doing What I Want and being Happy Doing It

Hiking at Bear Butte State Park in South Dakota
Hiking top of mountains at Teton Village
Hiking to Inspiration Point, west side of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park
Hiking in Grand Teton National Park
In front of Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Wyoming. I spent a lot of time, and money here every night. I had a great time.

These pictures are from my August 2016 trip to Jackson Wyoming, Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons.  I did exactly what I wanted to do every day for 10 days and 9 nights.  It was the best trip of my life.

This trip improved my happier outlook on life to even higher levels.

Happier Men Have Better Relationships

Being Single Will Make you Happier

If you want to be happy you have to have a good wife or not be married.  Marriage includes a living together with a full-time girlfriend.

It is difficult to find just one woman who is perfect for you.  I know it happens, I have seen it with my own parents.  But I rarely see it elsewhere.

Why not just be happy single?

You cannot hope to be one of the happier men if your marriage sucks.  Your marriage will make you or break you.  My marriage broke me.  My wife was critical, belittling, demanding and verbally abusive.  It was not until I left her and started to heal that my life got better.

No matter how hard you work on other aspects of your life, if you are married to the wrong woman, you will not be happy.  If you are in a bad job, you will not be happy.  If the people you are around most of time are negative, you will not be happy.

Happier Men are not pushed around

Let’s face it.  Most of the world is set up to push us around.  The world just expects us to take it’s abuse.   Busy schedules.  Inconvenience and frustration at every turn.  We are taxed and fined and forced to pay fees for everything we do.  Life can be one big headache.  Or, you can realize that this is how it is and work around all this stupid bs and live a life where you laugh at all this.

Illegitimi non carborundum.  - Latin for –Don’t Let the bastards grind you down.

Happier Men Treat People Well

You can live by the golden rule.  There is no reason to treat others poorly.  Especially the people closest to us.  The world will be a fantastically better place with more happier men.

If you don't like someone, or they are treating your poorly, it is so much simpler to just leave them than it is to fight, argue or extract revenge.

Another Great Perspective on Creating a Happier Life

From Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame

Happiness Engineering

Scott is one of my newly discovered favorite bloggers.  His articles are outstanding and I loved his book.

One More Thing…Happier Men Like Inspirational Videos

That first little old lady who hugs him reminds me of my grandmother who loved me so much.  The kids remind me of my kids and their fantastic relationships with their friends. 

I wish could have hugged my friends growing up.  Hugging wasn’t something that was done in those days. 

But it is not too late.  I sneak some hugs in where I can.  It makes me happy and makes the world a better place.

› Happier Men

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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