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A Happier Man, Issue #48-- Best Summer Ever
October 18, 2016

Best Summer Ever

I had the best summer ever.

It was just this past year. When I just recently turned 52. Yes, 52. Not 12 or 22. 52.

Yes, I have had great moments in summers past.

Drunken fun with friends.
Great family trips.
Excellent trips with friends.
Socializing and intellectual discussions.
Physical challenges.
An increase in fitness levels.
Fantastic times with my wife early in our marriage.
Special moments with my children.
Even wild sexual escapades with gorgeous women.

But this past summer, was better. This past summer I had great times, fantastic moments nearly continuously. Every weekend was fun. This past summer was incredible.

During summers past, I would have some moments here and there, but most of the summer would not be that great. Some summers I rarely had any fun at all.

What a waste.

This past summer I purposely pushed myself to do more, to keep going, to have fun, to be more social, to hang around in public and to spend money.

I was determined to make it a great summer and I succeeded.

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Best Summer Ever

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