Best Summer Ever

I had the best summer ever.

It was just this past year.  When I just recently turned 52.  Yes, 52.  Not 12 or 22.  52.

Yes, I have had great moments in summers past.

  • Drunken fun with friends.
  • Great family trips.
  • Excellent trips with friends.
  • Socializing and intellectual discussions.
  • Physical challenges.
  • An increase in fitness levels.
  • Fantastic times with my wife early in our marriage.
  • Special moments with my children.
  • Even wild sexual escapades with gorgeous women.

But this past summer, was better.  This past summer I had great times, fantastic moments nearly continuously.  Every weekend was fun.  This past summer was incredible.

During summers past, I would have some moments here and there, but most of the summer would not be that great.  Some summers I rarely had any fun at all.

What a waste.

This past summer I purposely pushed myself to do more, to keep going, to have fun, to be more social, to hang around in public and to spend money.

I was determined to make it a great summer and I succeeded.

How I Got The Idea to Have the Best Summer Ever

Last Labor Day weekend I went to one of my cousin's wedding.  Most of the extended family was there, so it was quite a reunion.

I chatted with one of my girl cousins, asking her if she had a good summer.  I was expecting the normal, oh not too bad, or it was ok.

Instead she said - "I had the best summer ever."

I was shocked with her answer and instead of just moving on with our conversation, I probed deeper, asking what made it so good.

She opened up to me.

  • She had a stable teaching job.  So she started the summer after one year of teaching and she was going back to the same job that fall.
  • Her 2 kids were in a camp for a week.  So she got to laze around without kids for an entire week.
  • She went on a Caribbean cruise with her parents and her kids.

I Was Blown Away By Her Answer

I thought that once you grew up, you would not have good summers anymore.  I thought summer was just a time to be hot, work hard and prepare for winter.

Kids could have fun in summer.

Maybe teenagers would have a bit of fun in the summer.

But adults?  No way.

There is grass to mow and kids to tend to. 

But, here she was, nearing 50, trying to work her way through a terrible divorce, bouncing around at jobs, rarely having anything stable, raising twin daughters, saying she had the best summer ever.

It changed my view of the world.

All winter, I thought about that.  I let those thoughts dominate.  I even wrote in my Journal - Have More Fun in the Summer.

It Worked

When you focus on something, using the Law of Attraction, which really means, you focus on will come true.

It takes focus.  You have to desire it and take action toward it.

I did.

Highlights from My Best Summer Ever

  • Mother's Day Sunday with my mom and siblings.
  • High School graduation party of one of my old friends daughter.  Drinking, reminiscing and laughing.
  • High School graduation party of another old friends son.  Drinking and socializing late into the night.
  • Wild night with gorgeous woman I met at a local bar.
  • I year old birthday party of another good friend.  More partying.
  • Memorial Day weekend in northern Wisconsin.  Golfing, boating and having fun.
  • 4th of July weekend in northern Wisconsin.
  • Labor Day weekend in northern Wisconsin.
  • Summerfest in Milwaukee.
  • State Fair in West Allis.
  • I attended many local festivals.
  • I challenged myself with difficult hikes.
  • I lifted weights, walked and watched what I ate.
  • I've lost weight and gained more muscle.
  • I swam.
  • A few first dates.
  • I saw lots of beautiful scenery.
  • Saw my family many times to catch up and make sure they are OK.
  • Weekend trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my kids.
  • 10 day trip of my life to Jackson Wyoming.
  • Weekend trip to Door County with my kids.

Your Life is too Precious to Not Enjoy It

The summer can be special, if you let it.

Enjoyment of your precious life has to be one of your main goals.  The overriding reason you do anything and everything.

A Few Things You Could Start Working on Now to Prepare for Your Best Summer Ever Next Year

Get in Shape

Exercising, eating right, weight training, getting leaner will help your life no matter what.  It is easier to do more if you have a good baseline fitness level.

Look Good

A leaner waist, bigger muscles, nice tan and good looking clothes help.  So does a good haircut, contact lenses and trimming excess body hair.

You might want to think about teeth whitening too.

Do Summer Stuff

Swimming, tanning, hiking, walking, biking, exploring.

Meet new people.


You will not have a good summer if you just stay inside all the time.  Enjoy the heat.  Get in the sun.  Wear cool clothes.  Get used to the heat by being in it.


Travel is one of the keys to a great life.  I love travel, but put it aside for decades.  I traveled all over my state of Wisconsin this year plus I spent time in the neighboring 3 states.  Best of all, I spent 10 days exploring the west.

Yes, I spent a lot of money.  But I had a great time.

Make the Summer Last Longer

Most people think of summer as just June, July and August.  Some people think you would have to move to a warmer climate to have a longer summer.

I don't.

My summer starts April 1 and goes through October 31.  I have a 7 month summer.  It starts getting nice outside in April, even in Wisconsin and we have good weather all the way to Halloween.

So that is my nice long summer.  I do summer type stuff all those months.

I get outside in the sun, working on my tan.  I walk, hike and enjoy it while I can.  Wearing shorts and t-shirts as much as possible.

Don't Do Winter Stuff in Summer

No messy, time consuming home remodeling projects.  Not too much TV or movie watching.  Minimize watching sports, unless you are outside.

No excessive paperwork.

Summer is for summer stuff, not winter stuff.

Final Thoughts

Overlooking Lake Michigan in the beautiful Door County area

The summer is not even over for me yet.  It is late October as I write this.  The sun sets earlier, but the days are still mostly nice.

And I have 1more big event yet.

I'm going to Las Vegas for a long Halloween weekend of a Men's Conference, partying and sight seeing.  I leave on Thursday and come back on Monday.

I've never been to Las Vegas, so I cannot wait.

I'm going to an Adam Gilad conferences.  I'll report back to you.  I expect it to be awesome

After that I will enjoy a short winter, where I will start getting fully prepared to handle it, enjoying the NFL and start planning my next years best summer ever.

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