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A Happier Man, Issue #50-- Have More Fun
October 25, 2016

Have More Fun

You may need to learn how to have more fun. Some of you are not having your share. I know I have struggled mightily with this...for years.

Yes, I have had a good share of fun. It has not all been bad.

Sometimes I had outrageous fun

Laughing until my sides hurt
Joking around with the guys for hours at a time
Drinking long into the night
Singing at the top of my lungs
Making out with random girls
Getting to sex within minutes of meeting a girl

Great times for me.

Just not enough of them and for many parts of my life, this type of fun did not exist.

I have suffered without fun for long stretches of my life. Sometimes going weeks without a laugh and sometimes longer. Suffering with job pressures, family turmoil and verbal abuse from my wife.

Suffering and misery were the major elements of my life. Wasted hours. Wasted days. Wasted months. And wasted years.

I fell into the life that "they" have crafted for us. Hard work and sacrifice for the job. Sacrifice and subservience to a wife. Your family, your boss, your friends, society, your government, your religion and your god all being of so much more important than you. Your misery and suffering is a good thing...for them.

I woke up from that miserable existence. Other men have. Why can't you?

Life does not have to be so much about hard work, struggle and sacrifice.

What gives anyone the right to make you suffer?

Your life does not have to be about that at all.

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Have More Fun

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