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A Happier Man, Issue #54-- Luxury for Men
November 20, 2016

Issue # 54

Luxury for Men

Luxury for men. Luxury is not just for women.

Luxury is not about the type of clothes you wear, the artwork on your walls, or the fine wine you sip.

No. Luxury is about you deciding what little, and big things, experiences and want in your life that provides the luxurious feeling that provides a life that you truly enjoy.

You have to reject the usual things you hear like

Men should just suffer with nothing. Men should just give and give and give some more. Men need to continually sacrifice their lives for someone else and it does not even matter who.

Maybe you think that way. I used to, but not anymore. I believe it is my right to live as great a life as possible. I matter just as much as anyone else.

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