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A Happier Man, Issue #57-- Get Organized for Christmas
November 27, 2016

Issue # 57

Get Organized for Christmas

Get organized for Christmas and have a better, less stressful holiday season.

There is a tremendous amount of self imposed, family and societal pressure to make everything "special" and "perfect."

Extra events, extra shopping, extra parties, extra is all extra and all extra difficult.

Plus it gets dark early and the weather in much of the world is getting terrible.

Christmas shopping can be mentally demanding and physically draining. The bad weather, long lines, crowded stores and trying to decide what to get for people is really hard.

No wonder there is so much stress.

I have chosen to step to the side of all this stress. I still have a nice Christmas holiday season, but I do it my way. Stress-free and relaxed.

You can too.

Here are some of my best ideas to make the Christmas holiday season easier on you.

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