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A Happier Man, Issue #71--Happier Single
January 29, 2017

Issue # 71

Happier Single

Men are happier single. It is rare to find a married man who would not be more happy if he were single.

Women are happier single too, but I am a man and look at things from my perspective.

You know I am right about this. People get together, get married and stay together for reasons that have nothing to do with their happiness.

Societal programming, religious indoctrination and constant pressure from others are the main reasons. Not happiness for you.

You give up so much when you're married, it is not even fair or right.

But people continue to do it.

But there is an answer to this. Two answers really.

One is to not get married in the first place.

The second is to end your marriage if you foolishly get into one.

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Happier Single

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