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A Happier Man, Issue #75--Back to Basics
April 14, 2017

Issue # 75

Back to Basics

Back to basics. This is one of my all time favorite sayings. It just boils down my happier man philosophy to it's core.

When life has got you down and you don't really know what to do, just get the basics taken care of. You will start to feel better and life will not look so rough.

Instead of pushing ahead with things that are not right for you, or are not right for you right now, step back and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

You cannot save the world every day or even make gigantic leaps forward in your own life every day if the normal day to day is dragging you down. Sometimes you just need to get the basics cared for and make your life a little better.

Go back to basics and concentrate on your basic needs first.

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Back to Basics

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