What Makes Me Happy

Happiness is so important that you need to ask yourself...what makes me happy?

Then write it down and do those things.


But most of us don't do that.  We spend most of our precious time doing everything but what makes us happy.  Continuously staying busy bending over backwards trying to please others and denying what you want to do.

I did all that for most of my life.

But I stopped all that crazy behavior years ago and now focus and concentrate on doing whatever makes me happiest and eliminating what makes me miserable, frustrated and unhappy.

Sometimes you spend so much of your life doing things that make you unhappy that you do not really have a good idea what happiness means to you.

You need to stop doing what makes you unhappy so you have time and mental clarity to find out what makes you happy.

What Makes Me Unhappy

I avoid all these happiness killers

  • Marriage
  • Having too many kids that I cannot afford.  2 is plenty.
  • Pets.  Tough one, but too much extra work for me.
  • Hard Work.  You have to work hard, but only here and there.  Not all the time.
  • Guilt.  Society, families, friends, the government and religions use guilt to get us to do all kinds of things we don't want to do.  F...them.  I just laugh at all the ridiculous guilting they do.
  • Manipulations are similar to guilt.  Once you become self aware, you can tell when someone is trying to manipulate you to do something they want you to do.  I don't get upset about this, I just don't get manipulated.
  • Injuries.  I have them now so I am suffering quite a bit.
  • Debt.  I get in and out of debt.  The ultimate goal is to have minimal debt that is easy to handle.  Right now my debt is manageable.  Not quite at the easy to handle range.
  • Bad Mistakes.  I've made massive bad mistakes.  I've learned.
  • Bad People
  • Religions
  • Church.  It's just such a time sink and makes you feel bad.
  • Family Gatherings.  I love these as long as they are not too time consuming.
  • Long Hours of work.  I worked years of 50 and 60 or more hour weeks with nothing to show for it.  40 is plenty.  Less is better.
  • Big bills.  Some bills are ridiculously high.  Cell phones, utility bills, car repairs, car insurance and rent.  I pay all these but don't like it.
  • Excessive responsibility.   You don't have to do everything.
  • Discomfort.  I hate uncomfortable anything and go out of my way to avoid it.
  • Having no money.  This is huge.  Being broke makes me extremely unhappy.

Free Things That Makes Me Happy

ahappiermanMe happy and smiling at work. Had a productive day and about to leave work for a fun rest of the day
  • Making fun of other people’s names.
  • Poking fun at other people...gently.
  • Ridiculing anyone in authority...without going over the top and getting on their bad side.
  • Taking the absurd side in serious discussion.
  • Disagreeing with others even if I agree with them.
  • Pointing out the absurd side of beliefs.
  • Reminiscing funny stories from my past and still laughing...out loud...years later.
  • Sitting in the sun.
  • Picked up surroundings.
  • A long enough walk in nature that my mind chatter stops and I get inspired ideas.
  • Naps.
  • Sleeping until I wake up naturally.
  • Large bowel movements.

Fairly Inexpensive Things That Makes Me Happy

  • Going out for coffee
  • Drinking
  • New shoes
  • Nice meal out
  • Gassed up car
  • Good workout
  • Seeing beautiful things.  Sunsets, sunrises, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, waterways, buildings, women.

Expensive Things That Makes Me Happy

Keeping in total control of my money.

I had to end a marriage.  Go bankrupt.  Sell real estate at a loss.  Get a house foreclosed.  Go to court.  Deal extremely firmly with my ex to get her out of my life and out of my money.

You will not be happy if you work and work and work and just turn all of that income from your efforts over to someone else.

It will not happen.

You need to have a firm grip on your money and determine how you will spend it.

Other Expensive Things that Makes Me Happy

  • My F150 Truck
  • My nice 3 bedroom apartment
  • My expensive bed
  • High speed internet
  • Going out on the town - Uber and drinks
  • Going out for meals
  • Traveling

Charles Bukowski - Your Life

Charles Bukowski Video - Your Life

This is your life.  If you care about yourself you will spend as much time as possible doing what makes you happy and be ruthless in eliminating what doesn't.

› Makes Me Happy

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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