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A Happier Man, Issue #76--Think About You
April 26, 2017

Issue # 76

Think About You

Think about you. Almost to the exclusion of others. Since you become what you think about most of the time as explained in The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and as alluded to in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then it should be obvious that thinking about you and your life is what you need to do.

You would not spend most of your time worrying about what other people thought or wondering what your neighbor is up to or in front of the TV watching other people live. You wouldn't wait for an election to do something. You wouldn't pin your hopes on someone else doing something. You wouldn't have to walk on eggshells and be careful about what you say and do. You wouldn't live in fear or apprehension about what someone else may say or do. You wouldn't bother praying that much either.

No, you would need to think about what you want. You would think about you. And then act on that.

You can only control you. Think about you.

Besides it's boring to think too much about other people. Most of the people you know are either living extremely limited lives without anything going on or they are overly stressed out running around in pointless busyness doing nothing of any real value.

The people you don't know (celebrities, athletes, politicians and anyone else famous) who do seem to be living life on the larges side,are only worth thinking about if you know them personally. Because unless you know someone personally (relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you do business with or have spent some real time learning from) you don't know them.

So, you don't really have that many people you would be thinking about anyway. Your thoughts in relationship to all these other people should be strictly in terms of how what they know can help your life or by how helping some of these people (your children, etc.) strategically would provide you joy and satisfaction.

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Think About You

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