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A Happier Man, Issue #81--Happier Simple Life
July 04, 2017

Issue # 81

Happier Simple Life

Why don't you have the happier simple life you desire?

A simple life sounds so good, doesn't it? You dream of a relaxed, carefree, doing what you want type of lifestyle. A life free from problems, excessive hard work and inconveniences. A life where everything flows without drama and chaos.

If this type of life is so good, why don't you have it?

Why is your life difficult? It should be easy.

Why are you rushing around in a chaotic way? You should be living gently and graciously, moving along at your own pace.

Why do you have to do so many things you don't want to do? Your life does not have to be about constantly doing things you hate.

Why is there any drama, any problems and so many frustrations? Your life does not have to be that way at all.

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Happier Simple Life

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