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A Happier Man, Issue #93--Strength Standards
October 14, 2017

Issue # 93

Strength Standards

You should have some realistic or achievable strength standards in mind so you have goals to work toward and know when you are strong enough and when to back off and avoid injury.

I have suffered a lot of injuries over the years as a result of weight lifting. Mostly strains. Upper and lower back, knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Some of these strains have been so severe I had incredible pain and could barely function. Lifting was out of the question for months.

I have never competed so never felt the need to go totally all out to make a particular single rep lift and suffer the muscle tears or extreme ligament damage that competition brings.

But I have had my share of pain revolving around ego lifting and pushing myself beyond what was appropriate for me. Even now I still am trying to recover from an elbow strain.

But luckily I never blew out a knee, broke a bone, or tore a muscle that required surgery. My hernia's were probably exacerbated by lifting but not caused by lifting.

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