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A Happier Man, Issue #96--Masculine Look
October 28, 2017

Issue # 95

A Masculine Look is Better For Men

A masculine look is better than a non-masculine look for men. I'm not sure how anyone could disagree on this. Although a lot of men tend to not look very masculine at all. And they don't seem to care with their too slim fit jeans, ugly shirts buttoned to their chins and cheap flip-flops.

Even with evidence all around them of more masculine looking men scooping up the most attractive women, high paying jobs and overall more satisfying lifestyle.

But instead of observing how being more masculine seems to make the lives of more masculine looking men better and then making movements toward that in their own lives, many men cut the more masculine man down, behind his back of course.

I've never been one to put others down. I would rather learn from more successful men, not try, in vain, to pull them down.

So, when I see a man looking masculine, with obvious success in some area, I see if that is some quality I can develop. Many times, it is not or the effort to do so would be not something I want to get into at this time.

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