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A Happier Man, Issue #144-- Happier Man Habits
February 26, 2019

Issue # 144

Happier Man Habits

There are happier man habits guaranteed to improve your life just as there are bad habits that are guaranteed to make your life miserable.

When you stop doing things that are not good for you, you open up more time and space for what you truly want.

You develop time to actually do good things for yourself.

Most men are force fed a steady diet of the wrong ideas and spend all their lives running ridiculously fast on a treadmill to nowhere.

I certainly wasted most of my life doing this. And even though I now fully realize the error of my ways, there is not a simple way to correct it.

The mistakes have been made and they were huge mistakes. It takes enormous effort to correct huge mistakes. You might not be able to correct some. Years of self-afflicted abuse like smoking, drug use, daily heavy drinking and overeating come to mind.

I am thankful my vice is overeating. Cutting back on the food is simpler than stopping smoking or drugging. Although overeating is a difficult habit to stop. You need to eat no matter what. Drugs, smoking and drinking are totally unnecessary.

But there are other bad habits that you get into that are not even a vice. Just wrong choices that compound your dissatisfaction over time.

Getting out of the wrong marriage, wrong city, wrong college major, wrong career, wrong job and bad family situation all take enormous amounts of persistent, focused intense effort that you may not be willing or able to expend.

These burdens can seem impossible to shed if you view them as most people do.

The trick is to view them with the eyes, or mindset, of how a man intent on his own happiness would view it. To a man like that, these are serious problems to deal with, but you would view it as a challenge that you can overcome with time and effort.

Your life is worth this effort. Isn't it?

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