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A Happier Man, Issue #145-- Get Your Mind Right
March 04, 2019

Issue # 145

Get Your Mind Right

Get your mind right is the first step in the Become A Happier Man 3 Step System. It's first, because it's most important and first because it's a mistake to focus on the other steps before doing this step.

We are constantly pushed, coerced, badgered and convinced to jump to take action. Just Do It. Act first, think later.

Of course you need to take action. Maybe even massive action.

But only after you determine what the correct action is. The action has to be at the right time that makes sense for you.

The problem with taking action before you get your mind right is the action you take is almost guaranteed to be a mistake for you.

You'll find that an incorrect action, before your mind is right, will create unnecessary work for you. Then, instead of happily working on your dream life, you will have to take a lot of exhausting, time-consuming, money-draining actions to correct the mistake.

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