Get Your Mind Right
The First Step in the
Become A Happier Man System

Get your mind right is the first step in the Become A Happier Man 3 Step System.  It's first, because it's most important and first because it's a mistake to focus on the other steps before doing this step.

We are constantly pushed, coerced, badgered and convinced to jump to take action.  Just Do It.  Act first, think later. 

Of course you need to take action.  Maybe even massive action.

But only after you determine what the correct action is.  The action has to be at the right time that makes sense for you.

The problem with taking action before you get your mind right is the action you take is almost guaranteed to be a mistake for you.

You'll find that an incorrect action, before your mind is right, will create unnecessary work for you.  Then, instead of happily working on your dream life, you will have to take a lot of exhausting, time-consuming, money-draining actions to correct the mistake.

Get Your Mind Right is the First Step in
My 3 Step System

Me,with my mind right and happy at work

Here is My 3 Step System

  1. Get Your Mind Right
  2. Take Action
  3. Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow

The 3 step system is extremely effective, if you use it and use it in the correct order.  If you subscribe to my newsletter I will provide you with a very handy PDF report you can print out.  This document concisely explains the 3 step system.

Once you fully understand the method, it is simple to grasp.  But after a lifetime of not using it you may find that it is not easy to do.

But if you do, your happiness and success will skyrocket.

Development of the 3 Step System

I wasn't always the happier man I am today.  I had more than my share of misery, frustration and stagnation. It took me years to understand the 3 step system, how to use it and why the sequence is critically important.  

Most of my mistakes have been a result of not following the 3 steps. 

Especially not focusing on getting my mind right.  You need a lot of time to get your mind right, thinking and planning.

Too much of the wrong action will doom any hope you have of dialing in your life just how you like it.  Way too much of the wrong of the wrong action will doom you to a miserable life that will take enormous effort on your part to make right...if you even can.

But the simple, effective 3 step system will help you move your life upward.  I used it time and time again to work my way through tremendous hardships and into the much happier life I enjoy.

Once you grasp this system, learn to use it and put it into practice in your life on a consistent basis, you will be astounded in the leaps forward in your success and happiness.

From Blackdragon

You're Not Who You Think You Are

Favorite quote -

If you’re not at least an 8 happy on the 1 to 10 scale the vast majority of the time, this is an indication that the current version of you, the version of you that you think you are, is very different from the real you.

If you’re very happy the vast majority of the time, and are often in a state of happiness, fulfillment, and/or peace, this is a strong indication that the current you and the real you are more closely aligned. Maybe not 100%, but close.

You will certainly leave whatever miserable situation you are in behind and enjoy a satisfyingly, peaceful life as you become a happier man.

How to Get Your Mind Right

Spend as much time and energy as necessary focusing on your life.  This is especially critical when you think you need to take massive action to correct a mistake or make a major improvement.

  • Use a paper and pen and write. 
  • Think and focus. 
  • Create affirmations. 
  • Develop lists and plans. 

This step may take a very long time the more difficult the situation is you need to correct or improve.  But it is time well spent. 

This is the critical step that you must do first.  Resist the urge to act.

More Ways of Getting Your Mind Right

  • The hours you spend reading informative articles, listening to uplifting messages and watching inspirational videos.  
  • Quiet time you spend with a pen and paper writing down your thoughts.
  • Solitary walks or drives where your mind wanders and ideas flow.
  • Carefully chosen affirmations that you repeat daily or multiple times a day.
  • Continually changing your thoughts to good ones.

Examples of NOT getting your mind right

  • Being harshly criticized by a demanding spouse
  • Being so overly busy, stressed and exhausted that you never have the time to focus on your life.
  • Working extremely long hours.
  • Thinking you cannot make changes for the better.
  • Keeping busy on trivial matters.
  • Worrying about what others are doing.
  • Waiting for someone else to do something.
  • Getting down on yourself.
  • Wallowing in self-pity.
  • Not immediately changing negative thoughts to good ones.

One of the best ways to keep your mind right is whenever you observe that you are feeling bad, or frustrated or angry, is to immediately change your thoughts to something positive.

This is sometimes referred to as flip-switching and is described very well by Dr. Robert Anthony, one of my favorite teachers.  You don't want to dwell on negative thoughts or problems in your life.  It does not help.  It only makes your problems worse. 

Think of something good.  Good things from your past.  Good things that have happened recently.  Good things that you are planning on doing.

Get your mind right and flip your thoughts to something, anything good.

And of course, once your mind is right and you have determined what the best action is, take it.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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