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A Happier Man, Issue #148-- You Are Powerful
March 28, 2019

Issue # 148

You Are Powerful

You are powerful. Even if you think you are not. Even though we have been continuously bombarded with the message that we are not powerful from almost every source.

You need to realize that you are, but it's not easy to think this way,

Why are we told we are not powerful?

I think it's simple. It's easier to deal with men if the men think they are not powerful.

Someone interested in keeping power over us, needs us to think we are powerless. It makes their staying in power, much easier.

I believe that they have used every form of manipulation they could think of to keep us in line.

This reinforced idea of your powerlessness is just another method in their toolbox to keep us under control.

So, you can just step to the side of all the madness. Believe you are powerful and don't believe any of the lies.

You are powerful and can change whatever unsatisfying situation you are in and move toward something better.

You are not here to put up with bad people or a bad environment or a bad situation. You are here for whatever you decide you are here for. If there is something "bad" in your life, you set about changing it.

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