You Are Powerful

You are powerful.  Even if you think you are not.  Even though we have been continuously bombarded with the message that we are not powerful from almost every source.

You need to realize that you are, but it's not easy to think this way, 

Why are we told we are not powerful?

I think it's simple.  It's easier to deal with men if the men think they are not powerful. 

Someone interested in keeping power over us, needs us to think we are powerless.  It makes their staying in power, much easier.

I believe  that they have used every form of manipulation they could think of to keep us in line.

This reinforced idea of your powerlessness is just another method in their toolbox to keep us under control.

So, you can just step to the side of all the madness.  Believe you are powerful and don't believe any of the lies.

You are powerful and can change whatever unsatisfying situation you are in and move toward something better.

You are not here to put up with bad people or a bad environment or a bad situation.  You are here for whatever you decide you are here for.  If there is something "bad" in your life, you set about changing it.

You are powerful - From Mike Cernovich

How to Change Your Life

Some of my favorite quotes -

The only way to change your life is to reject the proposition that your future life story is dictated by your past life story.

A future-oriented person would say, “You’re right. My life isn’t where it needs to be, and I need to focus on how to change the future.” And yet this so rarely happens.

The unknown is seen as more dangerous than the known, and thus people choose to be miserable rather than begin anew, because nothing is as unknown as the new.

You’d think that someone who was practicing for life would regularly go to the gym, learn more effective ways of communicating and connecting with others, and they’d take courses to improve their skills. What percentage of the population does that describe?

You start a new life by doing something else. Simple to understand and hard to live.

You start a new life by practicing something new every day.

The ultimate give up your power move is to give up and just continue to put up with something bad in your life.

What gives anyone the right to tell you how you have to live, how you have to be, what you should be doing or how you should be?

No one is given that kind of power over you.  They have taken it and you have let them.

You know this is true, deep in your gut.  Everyone knows this, but few will admit it.

If you drill down deep into your life you will see that in every case where you have lost power, where someone rolled over you, you let them.

You Are Powerful

The more powerful you become, the easier it is to avoid problems.

But on your journey toward a more powerful life, you will get into bad situations.

You'd like to avoid problems. But you won't.  Once you realize that you are powerful, you can minimize the damage and move on sooner.

I have been there and done all that.  I stayed with a verbally abusive wife for years past the point I should have left.  But I eventually left my wife and love the new found power and freedom in my life.

You can change whatever it is you are in.

If you are overweight, you can eat less.  If you lack muscles, you can weight train.  If your job sucks, you can get a different job.  If you are not good with women, you can get good.  If you are married to the wrong woman, you can leave her.

Can you get it in your mind that you have all the power in your life and that you need to control your mind and decide to change.

Your life can be fantastic if you start moving toward what you really want.  As you move toward what you want, you will naturally move away from what you do not want.  This is how the magic happens.

You can change, by making the change.  By deciding to spend as much time as necessary, expend as much energy as needed and give your full concentration that is how it will happen.

When I was in the process of deciding to leave my wife, I spent a lot of time thinking about if my life made sense.  I concentrated on it.  I thought of how much better my life would be if I did not have to deal with this person on a daily basis.

I thought that I deserved to have a good life, free from verbal abuse and with a minimum of chaos and drama.

I thought that I deserved to have a good life and did what I had to do to have that.

I had to have the great life that I wanted so badly.  I was not going to be denied.  I deserved it. 

You Are Powerful

You are powerful and can have your dream life if you want to. But you have to stop thinking that others will give it to you. 

You can leave your bad wife behind and start a better life being single just as I have done.

You can become a better father to your children.

You can work your way out of debt, pay your bills ahead of time, and find less expensive ways to live to ease your stress around money.  You can find a , more satisfying job.  You can start a part time internet business to increase your income.

I have done all these things. I changed my mind about marriage, fatherhood, bills and my life. My life is vastly different than 12 years ago when I lived in fear of my verbally abusive wife and had to run from her to save my life.

But no one did this for me. I had to do the leaving on my own.  No one is going to give you the life you want.

It is critical to think about what you can do to make your own life better. You can be free if you make the effort to do so.

If you are in a bad marriage, end it, leave your wife. It does not get better the longer you wait. It only gets worse.

If your job is not great, start looking for another one. It is not easy to leave a job, even if you do not love it, but you can start the process.

Your dream life is created by you. You cannot wait for others to do something. You do something. You need to think about your life and then act based on creating this dream life for yourself.

I wanted to be free of the verbal abuse from my wife. I acted and left her.

I want a lot of things, so I write these things down on my lists and steadily work toward them. Your dream life is not what someone gives you. It is something that you obtain for yourself.

Just knowing this gives you an advantage. You no longer have to waste time waiting for others to give you anything. You just go about your life as you see fit.

Some of the Most You Are Powerful Ideas

  • You are going to die.
  • Keep going even if you don't want to.
  • Be more masculine.
  • You can leave whatever bad circumstance you are in.

You Are Going to Die

Once you fully appreciate how short life is, you can increase the urgency of making your life now as fantastic as you can.  Apply your energy fully toward your dream life.

There is not that much time left to live.  So if something is wrong in your life, set about changing things.

Keep Going Even if You Do Not Want To

Yes, it is hard to keep going.  Life will give you a good kick in the teeth from time to time.  But just because it seems like everything is falling apart, if you can just keep going, it will get better.

Be More Masculine

You are powerful the more masculine you become.

Simple be more masculine tips

  • Keep your hair cut short
  • Have facial hair
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Keep your collared shirts open at the top
  • Don't wear tight shirts.  Tight clothing looks terrible.
  • Don't wear tight pants

Be Prepared to Leave

Leaving whatever bad situation you are in is the most powerful tactic you have.  You are powerful the more you can set up your life to always be ready to leave.

In every case, being able to walk away is the ultimate power move.

› You Are Powerful

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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