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A Happier Man, Issue #151-- Weight Train Safely
October 05, 2019

Issue # 151

Weight Train Safely

There is a way to weight train safely. I love weight training and the effects on my body and life even though I have suffered some frightful injuries.

Right now I am still suffering with elbow problems from doing lying triceps extensions. It's been over 3 years and my elbow is still not quite right.

I've tweaked both knees from squatting and leg presses. This usually goes away if I rest my knees for long enough. I do not have persistent knee pain.

I've hurt my hips from some type of lifting. I'm not sure if it is from squats. Right now my hips feel good.

I've strained my back from deadlifting and box squats.

I've wrecked my shoulders from bench presses.

I've hurt my wrists from all types of movements, bench presses, shoulder presses and curls.

I've hurt my neck and upper back from shrugs and squats.

So, yeah, a lot of pain and a lot of suffering.

You'd think I'd be against something that has given me so much pain and so much suffering.

But I'm not.

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