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A Happier Man, Issue #161-- Non-Masculine Men
January 04, 2020

Issue # 161

Non-Masculine Men

Non masculine men seem to go out of their way to do everything wrong.

It's instructive to know what not to do.

It's simpler to stop doing things rather than to start doing things. Simpler, but not easy, as being non-masculine is a terribly hard habit for some men to break.

But, just as you can break most bad habits with attention, focus and persistence, you can break the non-masculine habit too.

And you can break whatever bad that is not working for you

- Jobs - Habits like eating junk food, smoking, drinking or drugs -Relationships, even marriages

But, let's start with avoiding some of the easier non-masculine traits to see where you are going wrong. You're probably in a bad job, with bad habits and a bad relationship because you are too non-masculine.

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