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A Happier Man, Issue #189 - Leave Your Wife Basics
March 13, 2021

Issue # 189

Leave Your wife Basics

Here are some leave your wife basics to get better prepared for when you go through with it.

The decision to leave your wife is agonizing. Going through with it is even worse. Use these ideas to try to help you not suffer quite as much.

As with most everything, being prepared helps. The issue is that you may not have time for all of this.

Some of you may need to leave immediately. If your wife is screaming and yelling at you all the time and you don't think you can stand another minute, you should just leave immediately before you snap and cannot undo the damage. You may not have time to do any preparation.

I should also point out that a whipped, broken man, verbally abused by his wife searching for guidance on how to leave his wife will rarely have the capacity to be secretive and strong while carrying out a bunch of extra preparations.

Thinking you're strong and with it is a big mistake.

She's beaten you down. Admit it. You're not strong, you're weak. You cannot keep your mouth shut when questioned. You're not in charge of your life, she is. You're not an equal partner, she dominates your life and tells you what to do.

The type of wife that you need to leave will become suspicious any time you start acting a bit differently and are where you normally would be when she expects. You will question what you are up to at a minimum and may even go to greater lengths to spy on you as you start to prepare to leave her.

She will sense that you are up to something and confront you. You may not be able to complete all these leave your wife basics preparations.

A wife that you need to leave will have taken control of your life and dominates most of your life, including what little free time you have.

But you may still choose to try to get a few of these things in place to better prepare.

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