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A Happier Man, Issue #212- Eliminate What Is Ruining Your Life
January 07, 2023

Issue # 212

Eliminate What Is Ruining Your Life

It is impossible to have a good life if there is something in your life that is ruining it. Eliminate what is ruining your lifeĀ 

What's ruining your life could be a massive issue like a dysfunctional relationship, a horrible job, a serious lack of money or living somewhere totally unsuitable for you.

Correcting massive issues (leaving your wife, getting a great job, improving your finances or moving) is the key to going from a life you can barely stand or even want to end to a life of extreme happiness, enjoyment, abundance and freedom.

But minor annoyances and frustrations can temporarily ruin your life. These might not be life altering, but in the short-term, your happiness and contentment are put on hold until the issue is resolved. In fact, once you have handled the big problems, like I have, the only issues you have will be minor.

The more you focus your attention on dealing effectively with minor issues the faster they get solved and your personal happiness skyrockets.

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Eliminate What Is Ruining Your Life

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