Eliminate What Is Ruining Your Life

It is impossible to have a good life if there is something in your life that is ruining it. Eliminate what is ruining your life 

What's ruining your life could be a massive issue like a dysfunctional relationship, a horrible job, a serious lack of money or living somewhere totally unsuitable for you.

Correcting massive issues (leaving your wife, getting a great job, improving your finances or moving) is the key to going from a life you can barely stand or even want to end to a life of extreme happiness, enjoyment, abundance and freedom.

But minor annoyances and frustrations can temporarily ruin your life.  These might not be life altering, but in the short-term, your happiness and contentment are put on hold until the issue is resolved.  In fact, once you have handled the big problems, like I have, the only issues you have will be minor.

The more you focus your attention on dealing effectively with minor issues the faster they get solved and your personal happiness skyrockets.

Some Video Ideas on How to Eliminate What is Ruining Your Life

Far too many people feel defeated and stagnate with a mediocre or even miserable life tolerating whatever bad situation, major or minor, they find themselves in and not focusing on finding the solution.

There are solutions to eliminate what is ruining your life.

It starts with developing an overwhelming desire to live an extremely happy and abundant life.  A life where you do NOT tolerate bad circumstances, you fix them.

You have to totally eliminate the idea that it is not possible to live a totally happy and abundant life.  You need to think you deserve it and that it can be done.

Your lot in life or your destiny is NOT to struggle.

Instead of struggling with non-productive actions and working hard but getting farther behind, you need to think hard and expand some effort, perhaps massive effort, toward making life easy.  Much of making life easier is finding what to stop doing that doesn't make sense for you.

Start By Listing Your Frustrations

Instead of taking chaotic, mindless action that you hope will solve something and getting even more frustrated, take some time to get your mind right using step number 1 of the 3 Step System.

Get out your pen and paper.  Sit in a comfortable chair and think back over the last few months and start to list whatever it is that you did not like.  Take note of what your frustrations and irritations are.

Here are Some Examples of Frustrations I Had in the Past

  • Living spaces with no comfortable places to sit down.
  • Furniture that is too small and non-supportive.
  • Hard, instead of padded chairs.
  • Small toilets.
  • Toilet paper holders that are hard to reach when you are sitting on the toilet.
  • Worn out shoes.
  • Tight pants.
  • Junky, non 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  • Small chairs of any kind.
  • Having to do very physical tasks for long periods of time.
  • People aggressively sharing their views and trying to get you to change yours.
  • People arguing about their views with you instead of calmly explaining them, pointing out the benefits and letting you decide for yourself.
  • Not putting together things in the right order.

Avoid sharing your lists of frustrations with other people.  Often, when you point out these annoyances to people they get angry at you for suggesting that there might be better ways of doing things.

They also get defensive when you share something someone else is doing successfully they will argue with you claiming that it doesn't work and seems like a stupid idea. 

Next, Brainstorm What It Would Take to Solve These Issues

Here is how I dealt with some of my issues.

Living spaces with no comfortable places to sit down, furniture that is too small and non-supportive and hard chairs and small chairs of any kind

I only buy very comfortable furniture that is big enough for me.  I test it to verify that I could sit comfortably for hours.  Even when I was flat broke after my divorce, the furniture I bought was very old, very worn, but comfortable.  Because it was so old and worn out, the furniture did not last long, but as I regained my financial footing in the years after my divorce, I just kept upgrading as I could.

Small toilets.

When I was apartment hunting, having a decent sized toilet was a priority.

Toilet paper holders that are hard to reach when you are sitting on the toilet.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years.  I have a holder that is moveable, so when I need it, I just move it closer to me.

Worn out shoes.

The support of shoes wears out long before the shoes look like they are worn out.  You cannot go by the look of the shoes.  As soon as you find your feet and lower legs starting to feel poorly in your shoes, they need to be thrown out and you need to start over with new shoes.

Tight pants

Tight pants ruin your comfort.  You should be able to move freely and not feel squashed.  They certainly affect your masculine appearance and lower your testosterone.  The easy solution is to only wear soft, comfortable pants with considerable space.

Junky, non-4 wheel drive vehicles

A very good vehicle, with 4 wheel drive will make your life much better with no winter worries and less effort dealing with repair issues.

I think everyone should drive larger vehicles.  Small cars are not only extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient,  they are very unsafe.  A happier man drives truck or other suitably large vehicle.

Having to do very physical tasks for long periods of time.

I can work very long days at a desk job.  If I have to work more than a few hours at physical work, I suffer.  I have a few articles related to considerations for the best types of work and careers in these articles:

People aggressively sharing their views and trying to get you to change yours or arguing about their views with you instead of calmly explaining them, pointing out the benefits and letting you decide for yourself.

It is far simpler to not deal with people like this.  Walk away.  Avoid toxic people.  Don't bother with them.  If the nature of your relationship where avoiding them is not possible, you will have to learn to set boundaries and be firm.  

Not putting together things in the right order.

Thinking through things makes your life incredibly easy compared to the normal chaotic way of life most people assume you have to live.  I have a number of organization related articles linked from this article - Why get organized.

Use YOUR Money to Eliminate What Is Ruining Your Life

If you can solve a problem now by spending your money or by using credit, your life NOW skyrockets. 

It makes no sense to hoard what money you have or even hoard your future money (in the form of credit) if you have problems now. Making payments to pay off debts that have solved your problems will not be a burden, they will be a joy.

When solving problems with money, avoid the temptation to go cheap.  Going cheap is probably what caused the problem in the first place.  When you have a problem spend the extra money and solve it so you don't need to deal with that problem anymore.

Eliminate What is Ruining Your Life with Extra Effort

You may need to expend enormous effort to leave your wife, get a better job, live extremely frugally until your finances improve or move to a better location.

I've found that the rewards of getting my problems behind me were worth the massive effort to deal with these issues. 

I've also found that if I apply an enormous amount of focused effort towards the minor problems that were ruining my life, I solved my issues quickly.

Some basic efforts that pay off

  • Ruthlessly toss out what is not needed in your life.
  • Stop doing things you don't want to do.
  • Start doing things early.
  • Think and plan to avoid wasting time.

Eliminate What is Ruining Your Life Wrap Up

Life should not have excessive drama, multiple problems and so many frustrations.

If you keep going, eliminate what is ruining your life, you will eventually have all your problems solved and your life will be happier.

› Eliminate What is Ruining Your Life

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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