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A Happier Man, Issue #112--Think For Yourself
March 01, 2018

Issue # 112

Think For Yourself

It's not easy to think for yourself. It's rare when people encourage you. It's more likely that they will be extremely eager to do all the thinking for you. For your own good of course.

After all, they know best.

And you know nothing.

If you reflect on your life you will remember this playing out over and over again. Some well meaning, or not well meaning person trying to influence you to their way of thinking. And not satisfied until you cave.

Do you? Do you say what they want you to say? Do you do what they want you to do? Do your actions change?

I used to do this all the time. Growing up. As a young man. Certainly as a husband I just did what my wife said I ought to do even though it was wrong and I hated myself for doing so.

Do I do this now?....No!

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