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A Happier Man, Issue #119-- Your Standards
April 11, 2018

Issue # 119

Your Standards

If you can firmly decide what your standards are in every area, your life will start clicking into place. Instead of wasting time on things/activities/actions that do nothing for you, you don't. You use your time, your most precious asset, in ways that serve you.

Men normally think in terms of standards when it comes to women. Does she look good enough? Is she nice enough? Will what she says make you look bad? Does she look good enough to be on your arm and make other men jealous? Will she get along with your family and friends?

Having standards for the people in your life is an acceptable way to make sure you are happy or at least not miserable.

Sometimes you may have to relax your standards a bit with women if you don't have that part of your life how you want it.

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