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A Happier Man, Issue #123-- Enjoy Yourself
April 22, 2018

Issue # 123

Enjoy Yourself

Do you enjoy yourself? Is your life good? Are you smiling most of the time? Do you have some fun? Are you happy?

I think most of you don't enjoy your life are even happy most of the time.

You get up before dawn, hustle off to work, driving in the dark through traffic. You walk quickly trying to make it on time to work.

Your routine is the same, day after day. Working hard at something trivial. Or pretending to work so you don't get fired.

Making too little money to get ahead. Just when you have a slight increase in money, something else pops up and takes it away.

You eat too much because cheap junk food because it is the only fun vice you can afford.

You watch pretty airheads on TV spouting off nonsense and listen to inane babbling on talk radio. You decide what to buy from slick peddlers pushing their garbage over and over.

You are living with the wrong person in the wrong house, in the wrong location and in the wrong life.

Most of you look at life as a too long slog. Just working all the time. Dealing with bickering and drama from the people around you. Sucking it up. Making it through the day. Manning up and trying to endure.

I know getting through was my motto for most of my life.

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