You Might Want to Enjoy Yourself
You Don't Have That Much Time Left

Do you enjoy yourself?  Is your life good?  Are you smiling most of the time?  Do you have some fun?  Are you happy?

I think most of you don't enjoy your life are even happy most of the time.

You get up before dawn, hustle off to work, driving in the dark through traffic.  You walk quickly trying to make it on time to work. 

Your routine is the same, day after day.  Working hard at something trivial.  Or pretending to work so you don't get fired.

Making too little money to get ahead.  Just when you have a slight increase in money, something else pops up and takes it away.

You eat too much because cheap junk food because it is the only fun vice you can afford.

You watch pretty airheads on TV spouting off nonsense and listen to inane babbling on talk radio.  You decide what to buy from slick peddlers pushing their garbage over and over.

You are living with the wrong person in the wrong house, in the wrong location and in the wrong life.

Most of you look at life as a too long slog. Just working all the time.  Dealing with bickering and drama from the people around you.  Sucking it up. Making it through the day.  Manning up and trying to endure.

I know getting through was my motto for most of my life.

Get through

  • The winter
  • The school year
  • Basketball season
  • The semester
  • The work week
  • The project
  • The kids being sick
  • The holidays
  • This marriage
  • Whatever stupid, painful situation I was in

I rarely smiled.  Laughter was extremely limited.  Doing something fun was out of the question.  Some jobs I was bored out of my mind.  Others I worked at a frantic pace under incredible pressure.  My judgement was questioned.  I was forced to lie.

Pay cuts and massive health insurance cost increases with huge deductibles putting me further and further behind.

Sometimes I had the extreme anxiety of waiting to get laid off every Friday.

The worst was living under miserable verbal abuse from my wife until I was a hen-pecked, broken, timid man wishing to die.

The divorce was needed but crippling financially paying her most of my take home pay and being manipulated into giving her more.

But Not Anymore
I Have Learned to Enjoy Yourself
And I Do and I am eager to do more

Me having fun at a friends party, drinking and talking and laughing
Me enjoying driving around in my dream vehicle - My Ford F150
Me, happy at work. I am probably leaving early that day after a satisfying and productive work day
Me, enjoying some coffee, sitting on a hotel deck overlooking Lake Superior on a vacation with my kids
Me, on a trip to Lake Michigan with my kids on an incredibly beautiful day

I'm not a picture taker, but when I look at myself in these pictures and see the extreme happiness and peace I have found, I am so thankful I was able to turn my life around before it was too late.

Another Idea on How to Enjoy Yourself

One of my favorite bloggers and now vloggers is Bob Wells.  Here is his website -

Check out his website for another way to "do" life that may help you have a chance to enjoy yourself.

He also has a You Tube Channel with all kinds of how-to, great and inspiring stories.

The Ability To Endure
Is Good...To a Point

Yes, we all need the ability to endure tough situations.  Life is not always rosy.  You have to be able to take some pain and not get hooked on pain killers.

You may have to stand up for yourself in an extremely forceful way.

You may have to work at a frenetic pace sometimes and hustle your ass off.  Dealing with overly demanding employers, irritating co-workers, burdensome rules and rigid timetables.

You may have to get yelled at and may even have to take a beating.

You may have to leave a bad situation before you are ready and not have any idea how things will turn out.

You certainly will be criticized, lectured and made to feel small.  Much of the world is still intent on you not living a good life.

Enjoy Yourself - Final Thoughts

All this crazy, stupid bullshit happens to people all the time.  And we either deal with it or we decide to not.

You don't have to live like this forever

Some of you (and me in my prior life) make this taking the worlds abuse our life.  We make enduring what we do.  We don't get off this horrible ride.

I stayed

  • Taking all kinds of the worlds abuses (dealing with it, sucking it up, manning up, taking it)
  • Playing basketball
  • At a job where every Friday I worried about getting laid off
  • In a marriage where I was getting criticized, yelled at and belittled on a regular basis

I stayed was the common word in all this senseless life I was living.

I stayed until I decided to not.

I quit basketball.  I quit a bad job.  And I quit a bad marriage.

I took back my life and learned to enjoy myself.

› Enjoy Yourself

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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