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A Happier Man, Issue #129-- Happier Easier Life
May 10, 2018

Issue # 129

Happier Easier Life

You can create a happier easier life for yourself. Or you can continue to stay mired in the mediocre, unhappy, overly dramatic, difficult life you are in now. Maybe even spiraling down into misery, chaos and endless frustration.

In spite of the answers to a good life being in front of our noses and easy to see, most people don't have a nice, easy, happy life.

Most people struggle to pay their bills every month, even paying late and get further behind with the late charges.

Most people continue to overeat the wrong foods. Their health suffers and their waists expand.

Most people sleep far too little and suffer the ill effects...gigantic bags under their eyes, big, saggy bellies, gorging on junk food and caffeine to fight to stay awake all day at a job they cannot hope to be good at because of being so tired.

Most people put up with drama and bickering from the people around them, even staying married to a person who loves them so little, they cannot help but criticize their every move.

Most people stay living in bad neighborhoods instead of moving some other place with a chance of safety and peace.

Most people stay in bad jobs instead of taking the initiative to look for something better.

Most people believe the same tired lies of what makes for a happier easier life.

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