Create a Happier Easier Life


You can create a happier easier life for yourself.  Or you can continue to stay mired in the mediocre, unhappy, overly dramatic, difficult life you are in now.  Maybe even spiraling down into misery, chaos and endless frustration.

In spite of the answers to a good life being in front of our noses and easy to see, most people don't have a nice, easy, happy life.

Most people struggle to pay their bills every month, even paying late and get further behind with the late charges.

Most people continue to overeat the wrong foods.  Their health suffers and their waists expand.

Most people sleep far too little and suffer the ill effects...gigantic bags under their eyes, big, saggy bellies, gorging on junk food and caffeine to fight to stay awake all day at a job they cannot hope to be good at because of being so tired.

Most people put up with drama and bickering from the people around them, even staying married to a person who loves them so little, they cannot help but criticize their every move.

Most people stay living in bad neighborhoods instead of moving some other place with a chance of safety and peace.

Most people stay in bad jobs instead of taking the initiative to look for something better.

Most people believe the same tired lies of what makes for a happier easier life.

Happier Easier Life Don'ts

Life gets easier if you avoid the main happiness and easier life killers that are almost guaranteed to sap your money and energy.


  • Buy a house.
  • Don't sign long term leases and commitments.
  • Don't get married.  My happiest decision was leaving my wife.  At the time it felt like my life was a total mess and I only was trying to escape a prison of verbal abuse.  I had no idea how great my life would turn out and how leaving her was such a great decision for me, my kids and everyone involved.
  • Have children before you can easily afford them.  They are massively more expensive than you can imagine.
  • Have more than 2 children.  More than 2 and you will have no life.
  • Have those 2 children close together. The first needs to be out of diapers and a little independent before you think about a second.
  • Get a pet.  Pets are like a baby that never grows up.
  • Save all your money and spoil today. You need some savings, but not at the expense of living decently today.
  • Get too fat.  It's so hard to lose later.
  • Work out too hard and get injured.  Injuries set you back years, maybe forever.  Plus they are very expensive to deal with.
  • Worry about a 6-pack abs.  This is not a realistic goal.  A flat belly is a realistic goal that will improve your looks and health.
  • Make cardio your main exercise.  This will just sap your energy, waste your time, hurt your feet and legs and actually make you fatter.
  • Get hurt with extreme sports.  Again, the risk is too great for serious injury and even death.

Meddlers in our lives and others interested in keeping us mired in stagnation, misery, drama, lack and unhappiness push the opposite idea on us.  And the opposite idea is meant to ruin our lives.

Happier Easier Life Do's

There are some easy to do, but misunderstand ways to have a happier easier life.  Smart people who care about their own lives instinctively do these things. 

Things To Do to be Happier

We're constantly pushed into buying the most house you can afford.  To get an even better house, we're told to buy that house out in the boondocks to make it affordable.  You'll spend all your money on the house, or the gas to get you there.  You will have no free time to enjoy life.

Most sources will tell you to buy an older car and run it into the ground.  Or worse, a tiny car, easier on gas, that will leave your maimed or dead in an accident.

We're lectured to avoid fun as a way to save money and stay out of debt.  Most sources agree with me an staying out of serious debt.  But there is a huge conflict in the doing so.  You will get in the most debt by being married, having children and owning a house.

We're pushed to save as much money as possible by turning it over to someone else.  Save just a bit of money.  Not so much that your life now suffers.  But enough of a cushion that your life is smooth during rough times.

Being stronger is the best way to make growing old less painful and the easiest way to look good now.

Focus on your life as no one else has your interests at heart.

If you can start moving away from the basic don'ts and start moving toward the do's you will creating the happier easier life that you deserve.

One of the best programs I've found to create the happier easier life I have now is the

Secret of Deliberate Creation

This program will help show you the way to a far better life.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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