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A Happier Man, Issue #130-- Happier Single Man
May 15, 2018

Issue # 130

Happier Single Man

Being a happier single man is the the easiest way to a successful, stress-free, prosperous life. Being married, or living with a woman full-time, or a steady girlfriend you see all the time does not have any of the components necessary for an easy life. Sorry.

We need to be constantly propagandized on the opposite, about how great being a couple is. Just like any other stupid, crazy, barbaric thing that the propagandists do, being a couple is not good for the vast majority of men.

We are force fed a steady diet of how happy couples are and how being alone is such a terrible situation.

Even the people in our lives who you would think would want us to have a great life, push us to find a mate, someone to settle down with. Not realizing that most of the time, this mate will ruin our lives.

It doesn't help that we see many cases of socially awkward men who repel women. We get the feeling that guys who cannot get girls stay single. This further reinforces this idea that normal, well-adjusted men have to be part of a couple.

But occasionally you see a happier single man enjoying his life, with the full happiness that being single brings. He is not socially awkward. He seems charming. Girls like him. He gets dates and has man-women fun.

Plus, he has plenty of money to live very well. He does not spend every dime on foolishness.

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