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A Happier Man, Issue #132-- Cleveland Ohio Trip Planning
June 15, 2018

Issue # 132

Cleveland Ohio Trip Planning

I wanted to share my Cleveland Ohio trip planning with you. I enjoy visiting large cities and other places I have never been. I had driven past Cleveland 23 years ago but had never been there. It's been on my list for years. So it is satisfying to finally be going there.

I'm taking my two kids. They are not really kids anymore, 23 and 19. But it is still nice to travel with them and help them see new things too. It's actually better traveling with them now that they are grown. I don't have so much of the hard work involved with watching them as when they were small. Plus they help with the driving, the effort and the cost.

They do their own packing, so I just mostly worry about my needs. They have been traveling quite a bit on their own, so they are experienced travelers.

The trip planning came together last Friday. I've found it does not take months of planning and preparation for traveling as long as you keep yourself in a constant state of readiness.

If you like to travel, you'll know what I mean about being ready.

It should not be a major undertaking to plan and go on a short trip. It should just be small gentle extra effort that is exciting and doable.

The kids and I met last Friday morning. I brought coffee and donuts as we hashed out the where to go and where to stay main elements. The original plans were northern Minnesota, then Upper Michigan, but we all agreed on Cleveland as it seemed like a doable weekend trip for the distance, the lodging cost and all the fun activities to enjoy.

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