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A Happier Man, Issue #139-- 3 Step System to Become a Happier Man
September 25, 2018

Issue # 139

3 Step System to Become A Happier Man

There is a 3 step system to become a happier man.

The 3 Steps are (1)Get Your Mind Right, (2) Take Action, (3)Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow.

The system is extremely effective, if you use it and use it in the correct order.

Once you fully understand the system and use it consistently, it works remarkably well.

I used the 3 step system both unconsciously and consciously over the years to make massive positive changes in my life to get to the happier man state I now enjoy.

But I was not always a happier man. I not only had periods of stagnation, anxiety and frustration with very little going right, I had times of extreme misery pushing my thoughts to suicide and worse.

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