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A Happier Man, Issue #61-- Masculine Male Spending
December 24, 2016

Issue # 61

Masculine Male Spending

It is pretty simple what masculine male spending is. It is you deciding on however and whatever you want to spend your money.

It is not anything in particular. It is you making the decisions on perhaps the most critical element of life - the money you earn.

This is not a complicated algorithm or a theory. This is not the only thing a masculine male does differently than other men, but it is an extremely critical shift in your life that is satisfying and fun.

A masculine man purchases whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. He is not required to ask permission, negotiate or discuss. The essence of masculinity is you deciding what you should do.

But that is not how most men are and that is not how society is structured.

A normal male, sometimes referred to as a beta male spends the vast majority of his money on other people and what other people say he should buy.

You are the one working aren't you? You are the one spending your time, your energy, your life making a living. You are the one attracting money to you. You are the one people are giving money to. You are the one accumulating resources. You are even the one getting the credit offers and paying off those debts.

It is all you.

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