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A Happier Man, Issue #63-- Masculine Male Look
December 29, 2016

Issue # 63

Masculine Male Look

The more you develop the masculine male look the better your life will be. You will attract women easier. You will do better in business and your career. You will have more fun and have a better life.

I'm mostly going to discuss your look related to women.

The easiest way to do better with women is to have them come up to you. This will happen to you more and more if you develop the masculine look .

Of course, most women do not just come up to men and start the interaction, even if you are very good looking or extremely masculine. They are more coy. They come up to you in a way, that if you are unaware, you do not think they are doing anything.

This recognition problem is a huge problem for most men. Most men are clueless about how women come on to them. You do not even realize when a woman is interested in you.

After studying this and analyzing this I am just starting to realize how often women came on to me, or came up to me, that I did not even realize.

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Masculine Male Look

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