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A Happier Man, Issue #85--Rely on Yourself
August 06, 2017

Issue # 85

Rely on Yourself

If you want a better life you need to rely on yourself.

Everything good thing you get in the world will be mostly by your own efforts.

Yes, you will get some help from some people some of the time. It isn't always bad. You will get a boost, a hand, a leg up, some good advice, money, a job offer, something. Some of you will get lots of all that.

Hopefully when you were a child your parents set about giving, providing and helping you to develop into a happy adult.

But the reality is that most of you did not get what you needed when you were a child. Some of you were actively held down. Most of us were held down because the people around us did not know any better. Their method of help, did not help you that much.

I'm not complaining or critical of this, just observant of it. If someone does not know what to do and is incapable of learning what to do, how can they be blamed?

So rely on yourself.

It's critical that you set about making your life how you want it. If you want a better, happier, more fulfilled life, it is up to you to get it. It's not up to me to give you that life. Or the president, or your boss or your parents.

You have to grow up and see the world how it is

Not many people are interested in you having a better life. Many want to take from you and insist you do a tremendous amount of unpaid work for them to make their lives easier.

You see how this works in the world and you will be tempted to do the same thing...get others to do for you can have a better life.

I don't like that way. I choose my way. The rely on yourself way.

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