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A Happier Man, Issue #88--Organize Yourself
September 01, 2017

Issue # 88

Organize Yourself

Organize yourself first.

It makes no sense to think of organizing others or outside systems if your life is a mess. You first, then others. No one will listen, follow, do what you say or even care about your ideas if you and your life are not well organized.

You mat even find, like I did, that once you get your life under control and fully organized, you won't care so much about everything else anyway. Everything else seems pointless, useless, chaotic and beyond hope.

Since everything else seems like it is bent on destruction, I just stand to the side of that madness and work on my life. Getting better organized, making improvement and focusing on happiness.

Not because I am cruel or uncaring. But I do have a finite amount of time and energy. The more time and energy diverted towards things outside myself, the worse my life becomes.

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