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A Happier Man, Issue #89--Happier Man Secrets
September 03, 2017

Issue # 89

Happier Man Secrets

These happier man secrets that will make your life far happier than you are living now. These secrets will ensure you avoid all the problems, frustrations and even misery that most men spend their entire lives toiling through.

Most men struggle, suffer and live in lack. They are unhappy and even miserable.

They don't know the secrets even though the secrets aren't secrets at all. The secrets are out there staring at you in the face every day. Every way you turn you see men living terrible lives and seemingly not knowing there is a better way.

They are secrets because you don't believe them. If you choose to ignore the secrets you may even think the men living fantastically happy lives are not really that happy. Maybe you even think that only some men deserve happiness and you do not.

It's not that they're secrets in the sense of no one will tell you what they are. They are secrets in the sense of to the normal world they don't fit.

Here is the correct definition of secrets that fits this:

Secrets - designed to elude observation or detection

Exactly. These happier man secrets are kept from you, they are designed to elude observation by you even though they are in plain sight. The world makes you think what will make you happy will not. It also makes you think that will make you unhappy, will make you happy.

The normal world is not concerned with you, a man, being happier. The normal world goes out of it's way to restrict your happiness. The normal world tells you that the things that make you happy will not make you happy and it tells you that the things that will make you unhappy will make you happy. It's quite mad but called normal.

It's normal for you to be forced to endure all kinds of ridiculous boxes, traps, situations and circumstances that reduce your happiness level closer to misery.

That's the normal world.

You have to use these happier man secrets to get out of normal and into happiness.

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