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A Happier Man, Issue #91--Do It Yourself
October 07, 2017

Issue # 91

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself. You do it by yourself. Help yourself.

Your life gets so much easier the more you can do for yourself. Relying on others makes your life hopelessly irritating and frustrating.

I know this is a cynical view, but that is the correct view. Not because people are trying to be unreliable. They have their own lives to deal with and going out of their way to help you does not help them very much or at all.

Think of it this way...if you spend an enormous amount of your energy doing things for other people, how does that help you?

Most people do not wake up each day wondering what they can do to make your life better.


They wake up thinking what will make my own life better.

It does no good to get enraged over this, complaining about how people are too selfish, because this is the way the world works. In order to have some success in the world you have to understand the way the world works and use that to your advantage.

And a major way the world works is that each person is mostly concerned with what he can do to improve his own situation.

Knowing that, it is up to you to do it yourself rather than convincing lots of other people to help you. The more you set up your life to rely on other people, the more difficult your life becomes.

The key to a great, easy, successful life is to set up your life in such a way that you don't need that much help.

If you need a lot of help you are helpless and that is exactly the opposite way of living a happier, successful life.

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