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A Happier Man, Issue #92--Happier Man Bathroom
October 08, 2017

Issue # 92

Happier Man Bathroom

Your happier man bathroom should be set up in a way that serves you best.

Not for looks, although it will look good.

Some bathrooms look amazing. But if you don't have room because you might bump into something or have to move something out of the way to quickly get ready, they are worthless.

Some bathrooms look really cool with interesting things placed around. But these types of bathrooms are nightmares to clean. This type of bathroom is only good if someone else, not you, cleans it frequently.

You shouldn't set it up just for your guests convenience either. You can add some touches to make it nice for your guests, especially female guests. But it should set up in a way that is good for you first and your guests second. It is mostly for you. You are the one paying for it, it should be set up for you, your needs, your comfort, your ease and your happiness.

Focus on making it work for you very well and it will work for your guests too.

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