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A Happier Man, Issue #97--Big Man Problems
October 31, 2017

Issue # 97

Big Man Problems

There a number of big man problems that smaller, or even normal sized men never have to deal with.

If you are fat, or big or even have a lot of muscle, you will know what I mean.

Normal sized guys don't have clue about these problems and they don't care. In fact, they contribute to the problem, many without realizing it. Some smaller men spend a good share of their time mocking us and trying to find new ways to humiliate us.

So, there's that.

The problems are real for big guys like me and you. I have struggled against these problems for years and have only had minor success from time to time.

But the key to solving problems is to recognize what the problem is so, maybe, and this is a big maybe, you can do something about it.

So, on to the big man problems.

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