Big Man Problems
and a Few Solutions

There a number of big man problems that smaller, or even normal sized men never have to deal with.

If you are fat, or  big or even have a lot of muscle, you will know what I mean.

Normal sized guys don't have clue about these problems and they don't care.  In fact, they contribute to the problem, many without realizing it.  Some smaller men spend a good share of their time mocking us and trying to find new ways to humiliate us.

So, there's that.

The problems are real for big guys like me and you.  I have struggled against these problems for years and have only had minor success from time to time.

But the key to solving problems is to recognize what the problem is so, maybe, and this is a big maybe, you can do something about it.

So, on to the big man problems.

Big Man Problems

Your pants are tight because your legs and ass are large

The lack of room in your pants takes up all the material and squeezes your private parts. Tight pants puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your genitals.

These pants are way too tight. They will constrict your genitals and lower your testosterone. Wear loose pants held up with a belt.

This continuous pressure will make your genitals smaller and  decrease your testosterone levels. The penis and testicles are basically bags of blood. If your pants are too tight, the material will force the blood from your penis and testicles and back into your body.  So it decreases your size and lowers your testosterone.  Plus it is a very uncomfortable way to live.

The solution is to never wear tight pants and underwear. This is more difficult than you would think. Pants are just not made right. You really need to spend time (and money) on the correct fitting pants.

Normally, you just have to wear pants that are much too big, wear a belt, and then not look stylish at all in baggy pants.

This is the way that normal sized men punish us larger guys.  Pants are not proportioned properly for larger men.  They are way too tight in the front where you need more space and give.

The way you look and feel in your clothes may be the worst of the big man problems.

People think big men are stupid

I hate people thinking I am stupid. I have worked on this my whole life always trying to be smarter and not look dumb. But I still think the stereotype of people thinking large men are dumb is there.

This affects the jobs you get obviously.

People are scared of you

If you are large you will be little scary looking.  Smaller people will be afraid. This does not have to be bad thing except you will always have to be the one to talk first to other people.  You have to be the one to start conversations.  You have to break the ice. 

It's rare for someone to talk to you first.

Clothes don't fit and are expensive

If you have unlimited funds you can get your clothes tailored or buy more expensive items. But this is not true for most people. Most of the better looking clothing will not fit you so you're stuck with uglier items.

All the best looking clothes are made to fit normal sized men.  When the normal sized clothes are proportioned upward, the proportions rarely work.  Your pants will be too long.  The tail of your shirts will drape too far down.  Your sleeves will be too short. 

It's hard not to look bad, when your clothes don't fit.

You have to be careful in all the clothes you choose.

Your shoes wear out quickly

Your shoes may look good on the outside but your feet and lower legs will tell you that the support is gone. Your weight will break down the support much faster than a smaller man.  Good shoes are very expensive. Even cheap shoes are expensive when you are replacing them very often.

It seems that you will be constantly spending a lot of money on expensive shoes.  Once you find a brand and style that fits, they change the style so quickly the next time you buy that kind, they don't fit.

Chairs creak when you sit

I remember hardly being able to fit in under the desks back in school and then the desk making all kinds of noise whenever I squirmed in my seat.

It's embarrassing.

It's even worse when you break your own chairs and have to replace them all the time.

Furniture is not big enough or strong enough

This chair is way too narrow. You need to sit with your legs spread wide

Narrow chairs causes the same problem as tight pants, the squeezing you down into a smaller space.  It's so uncomfortable.

Sometimes you will not even be able to fit at all.  You'll be stuck sitting uncomfortably on the front edge of your seat.

Sitting out to be comfortable with your legs spread wide enough.

Public Seating is a Nightmare

Sitting on any public seating...planes, buses, trains, very uncomfortable.  There is no room to stretch out.  You probably avoid doing all kinds of fun things just because of the too small seating.

Sitting in a small airplane seat for a long flight may even ruin your trip.

Plane trips are a nightmare of discomfort for big men

People in general are getting larger. Better nutrition, cheap junk food, weight training, a sedentary lifestyle and modern conveniences all tend to make people larger. But public seating gets smaller. It makes no sense.

Small cars suck

Riding in small cars for long distances can be a tortuous experience.  You cannot fit in the backseat.  You are extremely limited in the type of car that will work for you.  This is the one of the main reasons I bought a full-size pickup.  The expense for larger vehicles is horrendous. Many younger and low-income men will not be able to afford a larger vehicle and will have the constant, daily reminder of discomfort.

Worst Big Man Problems
Poor Health and Dying Young

From Tiger Fitness- Steve Shaw

Morbid Obesity:  Your Ticket to an Early Grave

Steve Shaw recommending you get your weight down below 250 pounds at least in the video below.  Your body breaks down from carrying too much weight, either fat or muscle.

This is why my weight loss goal is to get down to 250 pounds or less.  I do want to live a little longer.

Some Solutions to Big Man Problems

Using what money you do have to make your part of the world better is a start. Instead of buying the things that "they" say you should buy, like small cars and skinny jeans, buy what makes your life better.

Buy things like:

  • A new mattress and box spring
  • A large, comfortable recliner
  • Large, supportive, comfortable chairs in general. In fact, finding big man furniture is critical to the quality of your life
  • Lots of very supportive, comfortable, good looking boots and shoes
  • Looser fitting pants with plenty of give in the front
  • Boxer shorts
  • Perfect fitting shirts with sleeves long enough to cover your wrists and not so big that the material billows out
  • A larger vehicle that is easy to get into and out of.

All these things are expensive.  You will have to prioritize your needs instead of your wives and kids. 

It's almost impossible for a large married man to have any comfort at all in his life.  The cost of what you need is not affordable when taking care of a family with a normal, modern, high-maintenance, expensive wife.

You can also do and not do things that will help ease the pain of big man problems.

Things like:

  • You know the seats at the game or the airplane are going to be too small to fit you. You can choose not to go.
  • Lift weights. If you have larger arms, shoulders and chests, this will make your large belly not seem so big. Plus, lifting weights will tend to slim you down a little and help the fit of your pants.
  • Walk more. You will need to buy walking shoes more often to make this work. I go through 3 or 4 pairs of cross-training shoes a year. But the walking helps to keep me a little slimmer.
  • Eat more meat, more good fats and less carbs. Meat is slimming. Carbs will make your belly much larger.
  • Search for ways to make your life better and more comfortable. The most important person for you to look out for is you.

Final Thoughts on Big Man Problems

You don't have to lose weight before you can enjoy your life.  You have to enjoy it now, at whatever weight you are.

Certainly, it is better to get your weight under control.  But that takes time.  Waiting to do good things for yourself is a huge mistake because it makes the now almost unbearably uncomfortable.  You need comfort now.

These big man problems are issues that big men face all day, every day. No one cares about you either. Whenever you complain a little about these types of things, people will say to lose weight and you will not have so many problems. These stupid comments just enrage me. Even if you lose a substantial amount of weight, you will still be large.  The problems do not go away.

An awareness of the big man problems does help the most. You cannot solve a problem, unless you know what it is.

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